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ICB Project





‘Creating a Resource Toolkit and a Peer Support Network for our members that empowers, enables and facilitates the inclusion for people with a congenital hand or upper limb difference and their families.’

(Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash)

Aussie Hands received an Individual Capacity Building Grant (ICB) from the Australian Government. This grant is being used to create an Online Toolkit and Peer Support Network for our members and their families which will be launched around March 2022.

Project objectives:

  • Provide access to role models and information
  • Develop skills and strategies for success in life
  • Connect individuals to overcome challenges, increase confidence and take positive action

Outcomes expected:

  • Members feel more empowered to achieve life milestones
  • Increase access and inclusion in the education system
  • Help build solid foundations for career success and active citizenship

Online Resource Toolkit

The Online Resource Toolkit will provide strategies to overcome common challenges experienced by people with a hand or upper limb difference. The aim is to equip members to confidently participate in all aspects of life including extracurricular activities, educational and employment opportunities, and engagement with their communities.

We will focus on three stages of life that have been identified as critical stages of support, addressing the following topics:

Resource Toolkit – Modules and corresponding topics

Module Topic
Expecting and New Parents (0-4) Finding Out My Child Has a Hand Difference
Telling Others
Getting Connected
School Age (5-12) Participating in Activities
Making Friends & Building Confidence
Self-care & Independence
Teens (13-18) Feeling Good About Myself
Role Models
Like Skills

These module categories and nine topics were based on research and the Aussie Hands Individual Capacity Building Project Survey Results 2021.

Peer Support Network

These module categories and nine topics were based on research and the Aussie Hands Individual Capacity Building Project Survey Results 2021.

port Network will be created as part of the project. Peers will be available to provide support on life stage topics contained in the Online Toolkit. This will connect members, provide direct access to role models and provide further strategies, support and encouragement. Think of it like our Facebook Group, but even more interactive!

If becoming a Peer Support Mentor is something that interests you, please contact us!

Want to be involved?

You can be involved in this project by:

  • Becoming a Peer Support Mentor
  • Participating in a workshop to help shape information in the Online Toolkit
  • Sharing your story, tips or advice with us

ICB Project Team

Project Manager – Jacqueline Banki Project Officer – Cassie Muller
Digital Communications Officer – Vinnie Chen


ICB Project Steering Committee

Brooke Young Karen Macdonald
Lisa Robin Hannah Cole
Samantha Donaghey Fiona Passmore


‘NDIA ILC Individual Capacity Building Program – an Australian Government initiative’.