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Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors

The Board of Management is proud to announce the appointment of Ambassadors for Aussie Hands in TAS and VIC for 2019.

The Ambassadors will be involved in a wide range of activities which will enhance the profile of the Foundation by engaging regularly with members and raising awareness of hand differences in the Australian community.

Amanda Palmer


Amanda has 44 years of personal lived experience as a person with a hand difference and is also a member of the Aussie Hands Board of Management. Amanda has had over 17 years extensive managerial experience (including over 2 years in the disability sector), and is keen to liaise and network with key stakeholders to raise awareness of Aussie Hands in Tasmania. Amanda is looking forward to attend events this year to support parents and share her experiences growing up with a hand difference and is honoured to be appointed as the 2020 Tasmanian Ambassador for Aussie Hands.

Dave Serpell


Dave was born with symbrachydactyly on ANZAC day 1999 and has grown up with Aussie Hands for as long as he can remember (kind of the reason why it started). Dave has developed long term relationships with many Victorian Aussie Hands families and mentors younger members. Dave enjoys public speaking and has extensive expertise and knowledge on various social media platforms. Dave is committed to liaise with key stakeholders to raise awareness of hand differences (in general), but to also support research by fundraising for the Australian Hand Difference Register. Dave is determined, driven and always willing to go the extra mile to help, assist and make sure that by representing Aussie Hands as Ambassador he can better the lives of many children and parents. Dave is honoured to be appointed the 2020 Victorian Ambassador for Aussie Hands and looks forward to meeting many families this year at events.