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Strategic Plan

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Our Purpose

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  • Support people with a hand difference
  • Networking & information sharing
  • Supporting research initiatives to identify how many people are affected with a hand difference and why

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Our Priorities

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  • Identify needs and target programs appropriate to our members
  • Share information and resources to support members
  • Fund RCH project aimed at identifying prevalence and type of hand differences in Victoria
  • Expand base of volunteers, donors and members

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Our Activities

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  • Programs & Events
  • Mentoring Program
  • Parenting Workshops
  • Activities/events targeted at membership segments
  • Fundraising events

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  • Promotion campaign
  • Fundraising strategy
  • Australian Hand Registry Project with the Royal Children’s Hospital
  • Build National Aussie Hands Foundation Membership, active state branches and ambassador network

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  • Member recruitment and participation
  • Increase member numbers
  • Confirm Patron or Ambassador (develop role statements), State Coordinator (update role statements and arrange up to 2 reviews per cycle), Annual Calendar for each State Branch
  • Membership/facebook statistics
  • Positive impact and outcomes for individual members
  • Conduct survey of needs, develop tools and resources, document case studies, member retention
  • Webinars, Welcome Kit, Workshops
  • Awareness, social media, recruitment, engagement, web analytics
  • Annual report and increased activity and engagement
  • Google Ads, facebook friends
  • Increase number of donors/sponsors/grants and revenue
  • Increase donors
  • Increase revenues
  • Fundraising Working Group
  • Work with RCH to achieve Australian Hand Registry Project goals

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How to make it work

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  • People (Roles/responsibilities of Board, Staff, Volunteers, State Coordinators and Ambassadors)
  • Fundraising and sponsorship strategy
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Planning & Project Management
  • Financial Management

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Find Out More About Us

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Our Accomplishments
View our Annual Reports

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Our Brochure
View the Aussie Hands Brochure (2MB)